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Cats have always been and probably will be exceptions. They have incredible adaptability and that is why they so effectively colonized themselves at almost every part of the world. The power of man over these creatures remains purely illusory. Cats step on their own paths, they need tolerance for their cat differences, they receive the consent to independence, and at the same time they remain faithful to people and places. They are grandmasters is saying "leave me alone". They are outstanding individuals with the face of a poker player, who is reluctant to show his emotions. The mysterious way of being and surprising reactions belong to the impassive qualities of their character. They are full of ideas and children's fantasy, capable to both crazy juggling and profound reverie. Cots are very beautiful animals. As the most aesthetic and hygienic animals, they are perfect for keeping at home - especially in the city. Cats need a lot, but they can also give a lot and show their gratitude. The person, who does not violate the integrity of their nature will gain a true companion. British cat - intelligent, smart, healthy and strong cat. It is able to adapt to almost every circumstances and the most difficult conditions. Undoubtedly, its characteristic feature is a hair coating. Very dense fur of equal length of this cat is detached from the skin and feels like plush or velvet. The distinguishing mark of this cat is also a massive and round figure (similar to a teddy bear). British cats are not too demanding animals. They do not conflict with other animals. They are not excessively "talkative" cats. Currently, the British cat is present in all colors and combinations.
My cattery is young. It was founded in February 2014. I am breeding British cats of different colors. This cattery was created from love and passion to these beautiful creatures.
I invite all cat lovers to see the website related to my home cattery.
The cattery is registered in the oldest Club under the auspices of WORLD CAT FEDERATION /WCF/ - gathering Cat breeders in Poland - in the Polish Feline Association /PFA/. Furthermore, it is registered in the Cat Club Amber Association /CCA/ under the auspices of the Polish Feline Federation /PFF/.
I breed British cats: blue, creamy, fawn, chocolate, lilac and all tortoiseshell patterns, bicolors and tricolors.
For me, the cat breeding is a great passion, pleasure and the desire to achieve perfection in every animal. M cats take part in shows organized by WCF, FIFA, as well as in pedigree cat shows.
All cats are raised at home together with family members and with a dog. We give them the maximum comfort of growing up, feed with the best cat food, spend a lot of time with them, spoil them by buying toys and above all we offer them our care and love.
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I love my cats and I love cats in general. They have become the meaning of my life. I love their touch, purring and daily conversations with them. I love to take care of them, feed them, spoil them and above all give them myself to ensure that they will trust a man. I do not know how it happened that they fascinated me. Maybe it was not only the fascination, but also the path found in the darkness. I prefer to think in that way.
I love them, because they are beautiful, nice and sensitive. They keep company, when people leave us. For cats, the contact with humans is an extension of childhood. When living with a man, they are relaxed, safe and they can choose their own place to rest. There is no any competition between cat and man.
For cats we are keepers, friends and family
For my, British cats become the perfect home-grown animals. They are reserved in feelings only when they are sad. Cats can learn many tricks, such as giving a paw, sitting down or fetching - however, it takes time and patience. British Shorthair is a nice companion. It is loyal and loving. It easily adapt to all family members. It loves to have fun and know how to handle itself. If it wants to have fun, it will bring you a toy. This cat is a great companion for children. We love cats for their love, devotion, warmth of their fur, their intimacy and purring. They give us their hearts, trusting us with boundless love.

Hodowla Kotów Brytyjskich

Właściciel i hodowca: Mariola Kacprzak
05-091 Ząbki POLSKA
woj. Mazowieckie
+48 784 909 449
wykonanie: ActivePage.pl